DUIs And Traffic Tickets

No court, no points and no insurance increase (in most cases). Concerning traffic citations, warrants, auto accidents and DUIs, always remember these rights and guidelines:

If you are stopped by the police, the officer has to have probable cause to stop you. Examples are speeding, no headlights on, failure to maintain lane, expired plates, accident, etc. If you admit to drinking alcohol or appear intoxicated or the influence of controlled substances, you must undergo a field sobriety test under the Implied Consent Law without the presence of any attorney. In addition, the police officer can "pat you down" for weapons.

If stopped, follow these instructions:

  1. Provide your name, identification, proof of insurance and vehicle registration.
  2. Do not consent to a search of your vehicle and insist on your right to remain silent without the presence of an attorney.
  3. Do not answer any further questions or admit any liability.
  4. Contact Benson Lee and Associates as soon as possible or call collect if you are detained.

If you are stopped or detained for any alleged criminal activity:

  1. Provide your name and identification.
  2. Insist on remaining silent until you can speak in the presence of an attorney.
  3. Call us collect if you are detained.

If you or your passengers are involved in an automobile accident:

  1. If anyone is injured, call 911 if possible.
  2. If you are able to do so, exchange insurance, identification and registration information with the other driver unless the police are present.
  3. Take pictures of the damages to all the cars and the accident scene with your cell phone or digital camera and get the name of the towing company if your vehicle is towed.
  4. Call Benson Lee and Associates as soon as possible.

Remember, we are here to fight for your rights in your time of need.